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Mary Rush Artist - Wildfeather Fine Art

Verde River at Copper Canyon Trailhead - Original Painting

Verde River at Copper Canyon Trailhead - Original Painting

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Copper Canyon Stream, 48 x 41.25 inches, Mixed Media Painting on Canvas
There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.–John F. Kennedy
I prepared a canvas on Monday. All I had to do was pack my backpack and grab the canvas. Off I went. I arrived at Copper Canyon Trailhead and unloaded my gear. I hurried to the rail, ducked under, and hurried down the trail. It was after 3 pm, so I wanted to get to the waterfall quickly to paint and hike back before dark.

I wasn't sure if I should go because of the impending rain. But, oh man, I was determined to see that waterfall and paint at its edge! But the further I went, sliding on the mud in places, I finally turned back to the car. I stood at the railing and wondered if it was raining in the mountains. Maybe it was just sunlight rays. 😀 I got in the car after deciding it was too risky. I drove about 1/4 mile and turned around at the shooting range.

I am going to paint! I prayed to God and the powers-to-be to lift the clouds and hold the rain until I got back home. Faith! I must have faith! I hadn't felt such determination in myself for a long time. It felt exhilarating. 

“It’s his crazy risk-taking that makes his work extra special.” –Forbidden City, William Bell

So, out of the car again, I grabbed my gear and marched down the trail, not to be stopped by anything. I walked quicker than I ever had to beat the rain and the light. I finally reached the turn-off for the waterfall.

What? No!!! It can't be! The area was closed! I wasn't going to get to the waterfall after all my gyrations. I felt tempted to go anyway. But I figured the U. S. Forest Service had good reason for closing it, so I stood incredulous for a few minutes and turned back down the trail in search of another spot anywhere near as exciting to paint.

I found one spot where the stream had a nice zig-zag in its curve. And the trees were amazing. A clearing to lay my canvas on was there too.

A young couple gazed my way as they walked down the trail. I waved and said hi. They walked on.

My excitement returned. I was going to paint. To be outside painting is still a thrill for me. And painting on the ground is freeing and fun; it connects me to the land. I painted until it felt time to go when the clouds were getting dark. I could feel rain in the air. The way the trails flood would not be safe to be out there. I made enough progress on the painting to be satisfied.

I laid the painting on the deck floor when I returned home. It was cold and windy, so I put my coat and hat on and worked on the upper right section, and painted white over the background. I'll hang it on the wall inside and see what else needs to be done. It's wild and free right now, just like the land and the nature scene where I painted. I want to let that rough, authentic, wild side of its essence shine through.

Living with fear stops us from taking risks, and if you don't go out on the branch, you're never going to get the best fruit.-Sarah Parish

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