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Mary Rush Artist - Wildfeather Fine Art

The Holy Place - Bell Rock Sedona

The Holy Place - Bell Rock Sedona

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The Holy Place - Bell Rock Sedona

11 x 14 x 0.75 inches

Acrylic on Canvas

Life must have its sacred moments and its holy places. We need the infinite, the limitless, the uttermost -- all that can give the heart a deep and strengthening peace.
–A. Powell Davies

Bell Rock is one of the four main vortexes in Sedona, Arizona. I painted this from a photo I took while hiking Bell Rock Pathway. When I painted it, part of Bell Rock looked like a temple, so I went with that idea.

Sedona was long ago a holy place to the native peoples. Many people travel to Sedona from all around the world as a spiritual retreat. Bell Rock could be thought of as a church bell or a temple bell.

Deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the soul, a holy place, a Divine Centre, a speaking voice, to which we may continuously return. Eternity is at our hearts, pressing upon our time-torn lives, warming us with intimations of an astounding destiny, calling us home unto itself.
–Thomas Raymond Kelly

Please note: The colors were difficult to photograph. I tweaked them in Photoshop but they still don't look exact. So, please expect the colors to be slightly different in person. It's a highly saturated painting.

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