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Mary Rush Artist - Wildfeather Fine Art

Enter - Original Painting

Enter - Original Painting

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About this Painting

      • Oil On Canvas
      • 5 x 7 x 0.75 in

This is the amazing beautiful scene out my side window. This mountain range changes hour-by-hour depending on the weather and cloud formations. The gorge contains a mystique and intrigue. It seems to be directly in front of you no matter where you stand.

The gate invites you to enter the scene. Will you?

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Trio of 5 x 7s

I love stacking three 5 x 7s. Consider adding two other 5 x 7s to your collection with this one. Shown here:

Top: View from Creekside Coffee Shop

Bottom: View of Fitness Hill

How to Hang Three 5 x 7s

See my YouTube video on how hang this format.

YouTube Video - How to Hang Three 5 x 7 inch Paintings with Done For You Measurements.

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