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Mary Rush Artist - Wildfeather Fine Art

Art Instruction - Private Sessions - Zoom or In Person

Art Instruction - Private Sessions - Zoom or In Person

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Private Painting Instruction by Award-Winning Artist Mary Rush

In Person in Camp Verde, AZ or on Zoom

Bring your own art supplies

One Hour


  1. Plein Air Painting Learn how to see and put that vision down on canvas. Get out in nature and create. Beginners welcome. Make an important investment in your well-being and creativity. We'll paint either outside in nature or from inside looking out the windows at amazing views. Location to be determined. Be inspired by nature. Let the creative muse have its way with you.
  2. Oil Painting - Learn how to use oil paints with no solvents. And/or learn how to use oil paints with non toxic mediums. Oil painting can be fun and a luxurious experience. You needn't use toxic materials. You'll also discover how to keep your colors true to the colors you want without getting muddy. Use brushes or palette knives to achieve the effect you want.
  3. Acrylic Painting - Learn how to use acrylic paint effectively to create a beautiful painting. Learn how to use good for the environment acrylic paints vs. the old school petroleum-based bad for the environment paints. Be kind to yourself and to the planet.
  4. Mixed Media & Collage Painting - How to use acrylic and oil paints in the same painting. Learn how to incorporate other materials such as pencil, pastel, graphite, paper, and found objects into your painting successfully. Uncover the secrets to effectively adhering collage elements onto your acrylic painting.
  5. Wisdom Painting - Learn how to paint for self-discovery and personal growth. This is a loose, expressive, free approach to painting where the painting has deep personal meaning. Healing happens on this level. The paintings are less refined than a fine art painting but personally potent. Painting this way, you'll tap into the invisible realm within you to bring it out in full color.

  Instruction via Zoom or in Person (Camp Verde, AZ USA) -  You may choose what you want to learn - Plein Air Painting, Oil painting, Acrylic painting, Mixed Media painting, Collage, Wisdom painting (for self-discovery).


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